Professional Consulting
  1. Why make use of an Insurance Broker rather than go Direct?

    You have a great advantage placing insurance through an insurance broker, rather than direct insurers quoting only at their own company the broker will be able to get several different quotations ensuring that the client’s policy gets placed through the insurer with the best price and providing the most suitable cover. You will have a consultant available 24/7 to provide you with expert advice regarding claims and policy management.

  2. On my commercial insurance policy can anybody drive my vehicle?

    Yes, as long as they have a valid driver’s license keeping in mind that most insurance companies have an additional excess for drivers under 25 years and with a license less than 2 years.

  3. What insurance can I get for my business office?

    The electronic equipment in the office must be specified individually with make, model and serial number. Office contents i.e. chairs, tables, kitchenware will be insured under office contents which will provide cover for fire, lightning, water damage and theft cover can also be included. Kindly contact your consultant to discuss this.

  4. I have more money on my premises during holiday times, how can I insure this increase?

    You can add a seasonal limit on the money section of your policy; you will then specify the amount you need cover for and the specific months for which you need the increased amount.

  5. Is Motor and Home insurance really necessary?

    Most certainly! A loss of an asset or a liability can be devastating and have a big impact on your financial status. It is important to have an expert giving you advice as to what risks must be insured and what risks can be carried by yourself.

  6. My Home Owners insurance is placed with my bondholder. Can I insure this with you?

    Yes! We will usually be able to do this for you at a cost saving and you will have the benefit of having all your insurance needs catered for under one insurance policy.

  7. Can my motor policy be free of excess?

    Yes, if you are over 55 most of the insurance policies waive the basic excess.
    If you are younger than 55, the Basic excess can be waived at a reasonable additional premium.

  8. Is it possible to pay the full premium annually?

    This will be possible; the annual premium can be paid via debit order or by payment into the insurers account and will usually result in a saving of premium.

  9. What is comprehensive cover on a motor policy?

    Comprehensive cover will provide you cover for damage to the vehicle insured, including fire and theft, and your liability for damage to third parties.

  10. How do I insure jewellery?

    Valuable jewellery that is worn regularly should be specified. Low value items can be covered on an unspecified basis under general all risk. Kindly contact your consultant to discuss this.

  11. My child has a learner’s license – is he covered while driving my car?

    If the vehicle is not insured on a named driver basis, he will be able to drive the vehicle as long as he complies with his license regulations i.e. the learner’s license must be current and a fully licensed driver must be with him when he is driving.

  12. Is it cheaper to buy a combined Motor and Home policy than a separate policy for each?

    Yes, it is usually cheaper to create one insurance policy for all your needs.

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