Agriculture & Transit Insurance

Agriculture Insurance:


The vine insurance policy includes public liability protection, accidental damage to wine, wine tanks and related property, as well as losses to part of or the entire crop. Also included in the policy is cover for fire, lightning, explosion, and damage to trellises, uprights and fences. The costs of labour, fertiliser, materials and disease and pest prevention methods are also covered in the event of damage or destruction of property and crops. You’re also covered for loss of income, following an interruption or interference of the business as a result of damage.


Multi-Peril crop insurance is becoming increasingly popular amongst farmers because of increasing production costs and a more unpredictable environment. Agriculture offers multi-peril crop insurance, basic and specialised insurance covering risks such as hail, damage to stored grain and fire on orchards, veld and sugar cane.


It’s often the “hidden” assets such as a farmer’s computer data, or a runaway veld fire that could cause damage to a neighbor’s farm that a farmer needs to insure. The agricultural product gives comprehensive cover that is flexible enough to fulfill all the personal and agricultural needs of today’s farmer.

Transit Insurance:

Insured Cargo

The policy covers goods carried by the insured on behalf of its clients and is limited to the specified vehicles and it’s trailers attached thereto, and limited to the limit per any one vehicle, per any one transit as stipulated in the policy schedule.

Cover starts upon loading of the insured cargo onto the carrying vehicle, continue throughout the course of transit and terminates once the cargo is offloaded.

Incidental storage in the ordinary course of transit, not exceeding 72 hours will be included, provided the goods are kept within a fully enclosed and locked building or guarded security compound.

Cover shall be for physical loss of or damage to the insured cargo whilst conveyed by the vehicles stipulated in the policy. The cover is on an all risks basis unless limited cover is chosen. All risks cover includes damage to the insured cargo due to accident, collision, overturning, fire, theft, theft following overturning and hijack. Driver fidelity is included, eg. driver being involved in theft of the load.

Road Vehicle Conditions

Cargo must be fully enclosed and tarped as per standard road rules. No theft or pilferage cover will exist unless the person in control of the vehicle or appointed security guard remains in attendance at all times.

No cover if the vehicle is driven with the knowledge or consent of the insured by any person under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. No cover if the carrying vehicle or vehicle combination is overloaded by more than 5% of the legal weight permitted under law. The driver of the carrying vehicle must be in possession of a valid and suitable driver’s license and public driver’s permit. The carrying vehicle must be roadworthy and have a valid certificate of fitness. No cover whilst tarps, nets, ropes and packaging material are not in sound and/or water repellent condition.

Excluded cargo

Antiques, antiquities of any description, arms, ammunition, bank and treasury notes, bullion, cash, mobile telephones and accessories, copper, deeds, designs, documents of any description, explosives, film, gold, or silver articles, used household goods and personal effects, jewellery, liquor (other than wine or beer), live animals, motor vehicles of any description, plans, precious metals or stones, pre-paid phone cards or vouchers, specie, stamps, tickets, tobacco products and travellers cheques.


Tarps, net, ropes, chains, corner-plates etc. included to limited amount if damaged during an incident or stolen/hijacked. Debris removal and recovery costs may be included to a limited amount. Container cover may be included to a limited amount.


Carrying goods by road involves the risk of traffic accidents. If the goods carried are dangerous, there is the additional risk of an incident, such as spillage of the goods, leading to hazards such as fire, explosion, chemical burns or environmental pollution damage.

Dangerous goods are substances or articles that present an immediate hazard to people, property or the environment. Tested and assessed against a United Nations criteria and found to be potentially dangerous when transported.

It is very important to always call your broker immediately in the event of an accident which may lead to a claim.

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